OSU vs Loyola Marymount

Cowboys lose in 10 innings at home. Bullpen blows a three run lead and gives up a go ahead 2 run finger in the top of the 10th.

We are seeing some ugly baseball early from OSU.

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Still early, but I’m not seeing why this team was so hyped up by the national media early on.

Seems like we are going to only have 3-4 arms to rely on ONCE AGAIN that will be worn down by the time regionals start.

Early struggles at the plate from Earhard, Riggio, Wulfert, Brown. Way too many strike outs and guys not ready to hit the ball early in counts.

Who even is in our weekend rotation behind Watt-Brown?
8th inning, bases, loaded two outs, why do you not bring in McLean to close it out and close out the ninth and go home. Just head scratching decisions on the pitching mound as usual.