Pokes vs. Toads

MT Cowboy

TCU comes to town for a big weekend for each team. You ask me things don't bode well for the Pokes.

TCU is 1-5 in conference play fresh off getting swept by the squats at home. After starting the season ranked and 13-0 gotta believe they'll be out for blood and to prove they are worth the attention they got early.

Meanwhile the Pokes have had 2 straight games of 13+ runs, so we're overdue for at least one game of looking lost at the plate. Add that our pitching has been particularly iffy as of late.

I dont expect it to be a fun weekend at O'Brate. For tonight I'd be surprised if we can put together two or more hits, let alone anything more than maybe 1 run. Fully anticipating a sweep. Yet still hope I get proved wrong.
Runners at 1st and 2nd no outs...ground ball to third that Meola BARELY beats out at first to avoid the triple play

Can't catch a break