Big 12 Week 10 Power Rankings


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So who do you have where in the power rankings? Here is mine right now.

1. K State - Completely dominated Houston this weekend. They have improved since we last played them
2. ou - Only loss was to a good Kansas team. That being said, this team has issues. Hopefully we take advantage of them.
3. Pokes - Another solid win and OGII is pretty much unstoppable right now. If he continues this streak and our o line continues to block their tails off, a win this weekend would bump us to #1 in my book
4. Texas - Dominated BYU with their backup, but seems vulnerable right now.
5. Kansas - Great win vs ou, but they play ISU this weekend. Will there be a letdown?
6. ISU - They have had one of the easier schedules so far, but that changes starting this weekend. Its make or break time for Matt Campbell and company
7. WVU - Good bounceback win over the weekend. While they are out of the running for conference championship, this is still a good season for Neil Brown.
8. BYU - Starting to slide a bit. They are one dimensional on O, and their defense is slow. I have a feeling they are going to continue to drop games.
9. Baylor - Not a good football team. Aranda seems to be in over his head.
10. Texas Tech - I feel stupid for thinking they would be a dark horse contender. They are the tech they have always been the last few years.
11. UCF - still searching for their first conference win, but their defense is really bad. They should beat cincy though
12. TCU - Will go down in the books as one of the worst teams the following year for a team that made the championship game the year before.
13. Cincy - Very few signs of life. They have a chance to get out of last place in the standings with their game against UCF.
14. Houston - The floor has dropped out. While they have 1 conference win, it is looking like a fluke.