Bedlam in Goonville!


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Critically important series starting this evening! Have to win the series and a sweep would be highly beneficial going into the post season. They’ve been playing better of late so we need to bring our A-Game!

Well that was disappointing. Glad to see them push one across, but bases loaded with no outs and only score 1.

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Wow, McLean starting pitcher. Did not expect that!

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I wonder if the plan is to pencil in JWB for Sunday. Let him pitch if the game means something but if the seeding is decided rest him for game 1 of the big 12 tournament and see if he can get his head on right with extra rest
Atta boy McLean! Helluva job getting out of that.

His control has been good but the ump been squeezing him on this pitches right on the corners.

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