Bedlam: Cowgirls at Sooners

Game one starts at 6:30 tonight, and can be seen on FS1. I think we'll see Kilfoyl versus Maxwell tonight, which could be the premier pitching matchup of the season. Coach G is 2-23 against his alma mater, so this would be a nice year to get one or two against them.

The league title is still up for grabs, with OSU needing to sweep to have a chance, but we can at least knock OU out of it with a win or two.
This camera angle is strange. Looks like the pitcher is 10 feet away from the batter.
Poullard chases ball 3 and ball 4 and K's
Edwards walks on 5 pitches
Wang K's swinging after getting ahead 3-0
Godwin RBI double to LF wall , Edwrds SAFE under the tag at the plate. Karli moves to 3rd on throw home

and of course it's overturned and she's called out.

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I'll say it now, that the fk are we doing?

Aycock gets the start

and she starts with a leadoff walk to Coleman, who apparently just won the national championship
Ground out to 2B, Coleman to 2nd
Walks Jennings
--Eberle out
--wild pitch advances the runners
Walks Brito on 4 pitches
Walks Hansen and a run scores
Flyout to LF, not sure why they didn't send the runner from third. Timm does not have a good arm
Flyout to RF

OU leaves 'em loaded. Only 1-0 so I guess we'll take it. I still say this was too big of a gamble. They're going to score enough without gifting them a run.
If she shuts them down the rest of the way I'll be happy to say I was wrong, just don't see it
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There is no possible coaching scenario where this was a good idea if Lexi and Ivy are both available.