TCU game thread

Haven't even attempted a 2 point shot in 6 minutes

67% of their shots in the first half were from 3. Don’t think that is how the coaching staff planned it.

Guards are out of control turning over the ball.

Boynton waits until his team is down 20 to call his 1st timeout in the first half. Just awful by the players and coaches.

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TCU running a clinic on how to set effective screens. Their guards running OSU defenders right into the screen. OSU guards are dribbling so far away from the screener the TCU defender easily runs over the top of it.

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That was one of the poorest efforts I've seen from OSU basketball it quite some time. Wrong time for it, too.

Just when you think Boynton and the program are finally getting over the hump, they have a week like this.

Huge game at WVU next week.