Cowgirls at #8 KSU


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Cowgirls have lost 5 straight and will need near perfection in Manhattan. KSU is 20-3, 9-2 in conference, 12-0 at home, but they have lost two in a row.
33-25 at half. Lot of turnovers by OSU. KSU is 1-13 from three, expect that to change.
Cowgirls lighting it up in the 3rd. Up six points now with 4 left in the third. 10-18 from 3 this game. 49-43.
Cowgirls up 2 going to the 4th. Only playing 6, so endurance is going to be a problem.
Officials refuse to call anything on KSU. Cowgirls up 1 with 4 left. Turnovers still killing us.