Bedlam Score Predictions

I’ll go with 41-30 Pokes.

OU gets ahead early, but Gundy stubbornly sticks to establishing the running game. It pays off in the 2nd half as OU’s front 7 wear down and Ollie breaks out. Nardo adjusts at halftime and slows down the Sooner offense.
Ollie less that 150 yards- Pokes lose by 2 touchdowns, Ollie at 150-200 yards pokes win by 10. 200+ yards Pokes win big
I have gone back and forth on this game.

Obviously the history is on the side of uo...but right now these 2 teams appear to be trending in opposite directions. I love that OSU is coming into this game with an identity and a bit healthier than we have the past few years.

I think their chances hinge on DG airing it out and having a big game...which he certainly could. The uo defense is improved from last year...but not to their standards so far.

I think coming into this game Oklahoma State has the better TEAM..OU has more talent overall..OSU has the best player. Evenly matched game overall. BPS will be rocking and I hope we see some iconic moments to make that place shake on Saturday for the Cowboys. I think if Mike Gundy coaches to win this game and we don't turnover the ball then OSU should win the game.

I'm going to put my faith and hope in my Pokes and I'm picking them to win 38 - 28.
Screw it, I’ve been hesitant all week due to the history. Well the history/tradition ends Saturday regardless due to their University’s choices. I’m all in.

Pokes- 34
Texas North- 31
It’s bedlam, we know something stupid will happen. They’re going to roll in to bully us and put us in our place. Have to answer that energy and BS early.

My brain says Pokes get it down. My heart says “what the hell are you thinking brain, we’ve been hurt enough.”

Pokes - 38
A$$clowns - 35
I agree. I think this game comes down to if Danny Stutsman can play and be effective. He’s the lynchpin of that defense. Their other LBs are not good.
Yup, tell Cassidy, Shulze and Drummond to go straight at the knee or ankle, which ever one is giving him problems, all three of those guys can deliver the wood when needed!!! 🫢
I will say OSU 38 UT - Norman 29!
I know what I think will happen, but I'm not saying it. I just can't let my hopes get up too much for this one. I've been burned too often. I'm going to try to go into it expecting to lose and hopefully be pleasantly surprised. I'll give my takes though.

For OU to win, they will want it to be high scoring. They should attack our weak secondary and then use that to set up the run. Specifically with Gabriel scrambling. They are not stopping Gordon, but if they get up on us early and force us to play from behind that could cause us to move away from the run and rely on a middle class passing game against a very good secondary. That would spell trouble for us.

The worst thing OU can do IMHO is sell out to stop the run. We've seen what happens with that for the last few weeks. Cinci has most likely a better run defense than OU and they still got hammered by Gordon and our O-Line. OU should instead try to manage our running game and shut down our passing to make us one dimensional. Then when we get into those 3rd and long situations we are screwed.

On the OSU side, we need to figure out a way for our defense to manage their passing attack and keep them no higher than moderate scoring (mid-30s). We can't let them get up on us by two TDs plus. I don't think we will do well playing from behind. That is easily my biggest concern with this game.

However, our weakness is also our strength. If we are ahead by 2+ TDs I don't think they will be able to recover because our ground game will be grinding the crap out of them and eating up that clock. Similarly, if this is a close game (especially if it is low scoring) going into the 4th I think OU is in trouble. Ollie and our O-Line will chew them up and make them pay. Our offense seems born to finish games.
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I'll take this classic score for my prediction.