#9 OSU at #10 UCLA

Just for clarification, the Cowgirl catcher that has been raking at the plate is Caroline Wang, pictured below. She is a transfer from Liberty.

It might be a Donna Chang situation. If you get that reference, we can be friends.
(Edit: I see she married a man named Wang)

#23Tinsley in the circle. 0.84 ERA in 8.1 innings so far. Faced Texas and allowed two unearned runs. This will be a tough one.

Edwards down swinging
Timm single to RF, RF injured while trying to field the ball. Timm to 2nd. Now ruled a double.
--I'm sorry the girl was hurt, but this is ridiculous, about a 10 minute delay and she's been off the field for a while
Godwin just misses a HR foul. Then she singles to LF, Timm to 3rd
Wang SINGLES off the wall in the RF corner and Timm scores, Godwin only gets to 2nd. Major baserunning error.
Poullard flies out to LF. *might" have been a sac fly.
Lott pops out to 1B

1 run, 3 hits, 2 left
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Ivy Rosenberry gets the start for OSU. Kenny has mentioned using Kilfoyl from inning 3 on. Still strange to me.

Swinging K. Nice sequence.
Error by Davis at 2nd, 2 on. Might have been two. Can't have that.
Now the runner is called out on an 'illegal substitution' for the injured player. Crazy!
Groundout to Godwin at 1st unassisted.

1-0 OSU after 1
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Schneidmiller fly out to LF
Davis reaches on error at SS
Bloodworth 2 run HR to RCF! That's great to see!
Edwards infield single to 2B. SPEED
Timm down swinging
--Tallon moves up on passed ball
Godwin lined out to CF. Incredible catch to save a run.

2 runs, 2 hits, 1 error, 1 left

3-0 OSU mid 2
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Single off top of wall in RF. Nice play by Timm to get it back in
Bouncing single to RF
Ground ball up the middle, great by by Davis to touch 2nd. Runners at the corners. Under review. Still out.
RBI groundout, Cowgirls almost turn two but runner safe at 1st
Ground out to SS

1 run, 2 hits, 1 left

3-1 OSU after 2
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B3 Kilfoyl to the circle. Kenny G's plan has set up well so far

Tapper to P.
K swinging
HBP, Kenny immediately out because that was off the nub of the bat. Not sure why they didn't review it? Was even clearer on replay.
Lineout to 2B makes that moot

3-1 OSU
Shneidmiller singles hard to LCF, but out by a mile trying to extend to a double. Both the runner and the 1B coach have to see the CF get to that ball.
Davis beats out infield single to SS
Bloodworth pops out to 1B in foul territory
Edwards doubles to LCF, Davis to 3rd. Rounded 3rd but throw got in quickly.
Timm HBP, based loaded
Godwin sends another rocket but its caught at 3rd

Ran ourselves out of a run or two in that inning.

Still 3-1
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