Ryan Walters announces official partnership with Oklahoma Dept of Education and PragerU

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Recently Dennis Prager caused a stir over comments on pornography he shared on an episode of Jordan Peterson’s roundtable discussion of the book of Exodus.

Prager first claimed that the Old Testament never condemns lusting after another man’s wife and says this is a strictly Christian rule of morality (he says the command to not “covet” your neighbor’s wife only prohibits making active plans to sleep with her). Even more shocking, he said that when women tell him their husbands look at porn, he asks them if the porn is a replacement for intimacy with them (which would be wrong) or merely a way to “assist” the intimacy in their marriage (which would be allowed). He also told a story about a man who couldn’t be intimate with his wife because she had Alzheimer’s, and Prager wondered why it would be so wrong for that man to find sexual gratification through “a picture.”

But what Prager is saying with the Alzheimer’s story is no different than what pro-choicers say about abortion in the case of rape. You pick a very difficult situation and then use that situation as a wedge to justify all kinds of behaviors. Why can’t a guy pleasure himself if his wife simply won’t sleep with him because they had a big fight? Where do you draw the line? The answer is: you can’t.

The problem with Prager’s argument is that it assumes a man’s ejaculation is primarily for his benefit, to relieve sexual tension. But that’s gross and objectifies your spouse who should be the recipient of self-giving love, not self-relieving urges.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating that marriage does usually entail a decrease in sexual urges, just as marriage reduces loneliness; but the primary end of marriage should not be either of those ends because such a mentality uses one’s spouse. Sometimes in marriage we experience loneliness or sexual frustration, such as after pregnancy when a wife can’t have intercourse for six to eight weeks.

But seeing sex as an expression of marital love helps us better love our spouse during this period instead of fleeing to someone else—in person or virtually—to satisfy our urges. In the past Prager has insisted people need to be virtuous and take the hard path in life. In his book Happiness is a Serious Problem, he writes “Everything worthwhile in life is attained through hard work. Happiness is not an exception.”

But it seems like the hard work to have a faithful marriage is an exception in this case.

Here’s an analogy to show why Prager’s view of porn contradicts his commitment to cultivating virtue. Imagine if someone liked to beat up a dummy dressed as Dennis Prager. I’m sure Prager would say this is bad for that person even if it’s meant to control his violent urges, because this self-centered behavior doesn’t actually help him become a better person. However, the same is true of pornography and how it deforms our moral character.

But not only does porn harm the viewer, it also makes him a contributor to an industry that brutalizes men and women physically, emotionally, and spiritually and is often connected to rape and sex trafficking, including of children. Some of the descriptions of what happens to porn star’s bodies from Matt Fradd’s book The Porn Myth made me almost throw up, but if you watch porn you are partly responsible for these evils.

Finally, Prager says that adultery only happens with “another organ” than your eyes, namely, your genitals. But what about a man who pays a girl on a pornographic webcam site to strip for him? Is that adultery, or is it merely a substitute for adultery that Prager would endorse because it’s on a screen? Maybe it’s not adultery under Prager’s view, but the Church would say that behavior, or looking at porn, or even just masturbating, are all condemned under the sixth commandment (CCC 2351-2354)

The problem is that people can always say Well, this or that doesn’t fall under the sixth commandment, which is why God’s revelation is perfected in the incarnation and the establishment of Christ’s one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic church to give us the definitive interpretation of the laws God gave in his revelation.
Our state education department is now in a official relationship for this guys company to provide educational materials

Dennis Prager Thinks It's 'Idiotic That You Cannot Say the N-Word,' Blames the 'Disgusting' Left.
This is the equivalent of announcing Planned Parenthood would take over part of social studies and sex education teaching materials
Get rid of Ryan Walters. About ten thousand students,parents, veiled or masked teachers and administrators could march around the Capitol with pitchforks and signs unannounced and without permits. Maybe carry a tarred and feathered rail. Burn Walters in effigy? Too much? Then start the futile recall or impeachment proceedings. He’s got to be taken down a peg or two. The future of education ,our children, and our students depend on it. He’s totally unqualified and unsuitable for the position. I’ve got my grandfather’s handmade pitchfork!
Oklahoma City public schools says nothing will be changed. They will continue to follow Oklahoma academic standards.
I am vehemently against Prager U and everything they stand for...but this made me chuckle in sadness.
"They will continue to follow Oklahoma academic standards" (that have led to OK being ranked 50th in quality of education in 2023). Something needs to change, but indoctrinating kids with Christo-facism definitely isn't it.
I am vehemently against Prager U and everything they stand for...but this made me chuckle in sadness.
"They will continue to follow Oklahoma academic standards" (that have led to OK being ranked 50th in quality of education in 2023). Something needs to change, but indoctrinating kids with Christo-facism definitely isn't it.
OKCPS released a statement saying, "The endorsement of PragerU by our State Superintendent doesn’t change anything we are doing in the classroom. We trust our teachers to do everything they can to help our students grow… We also trust that they will use both curriculum resources provided to them by our district and any other appropriate supplemental materials needed to support student growth."

Edmond Public Schools said their curriculum for the current school year is already set and that no resources from PragerU are included. If anything is added by a teacher, it must be reviewed and aligned with the district curriculum.

EPS said, "Pacing guides, district curriculum and teacher resources for the 23-24 school year are already in place and available for our teachers. No resources from PragerU are included in these resources. If a teacher uses additional supplemental materials, they must review materials before they’re presented in the classroom, and the materials must be aligned with the district curriculum."

Moore said they're also sticking with the curriculum they have in place and that it aligns with state standards approved by state lawmakers.

In a statement, Moore Public Schools said, "Moore Public Schools will continue to use its current curriculum that is aligned with state standards approved by the Oklahoma State Legislature."

Whether or not districts decide to add PragerU content to their lesson plans, Walters argued it's good to give educators options.