Pokes in Downtown Wichita

It's Pokes and Shocks again, this time from Riverfront Stadium in Wichita. Once again not a great weather night for the two teams. OSU won the earlier meeting 3-0, and Jansen Keisel will again start. No Brueggeman in the lineup for the second game in a row
Wichita State starts a RHP Arnett with 5.1 IP so far this year, his first start. He pitched on Friday so I doubt he'll be long for this game.

WSU was swept by USF in Tampa this weekend.


Crull lines a single to RF. Pretty swing and contact.
Ehrhard walks on 4 pitches
Benge doubles to the RF wall. Crull scores
Meola excuse me check swing ground out to 1B. Then Ehrhard out at home. Started with Benge being too far off 2nd. Terrible baseball by all three players involved.
Schubart walks. Very lucky, took a close 3-2 pitch
Ortiz HBP
--mound visit
Forsythe grounds out to SS

Wow, really tried to give us a big inning, but we screwed it up big time. Pretty rare to have two hits, three free passes, and only get 1 run

1-0 OSU
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Groundout to 3B
Strikeout swinging
HBP, these pitches aren't grazing them, either
--Walton out
--wild pitch on 1-2 moves up runners. I thought it hit him.
Foul out to LF

He lives to tell the tale

1-0 OSU
Keisel hits a lefty and then a righty in two consecutive pitches. Bizarre. Wichita state has been HBP 74 times in 33 games. Wild
Ritchie fouls out to 3B
Daugherty singles past diving SS
--new pitcher, little used lefty
Crull grounds into FC at 3rd, Daugherty out at 2nd
Ehrhard hit in butt by pitch
--wild pitch moves up runners
Benge walks
Meola HBP on 2-2, RBI
Schubart walks, RBI. That one he earned by fouling off a bunch of pitches
--new pitcher, RHP who is 2-2
Ortiz walks, RBI
Forsythe grounds out to 1B

Pokes don't get the big hit but get 3 on 1 hit

4-0 OSU
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Flyout to LF
Hits .206 batter in leg on 1-2 pitch
Single to LF
Strikeout swinging
Single to RF, runner holds at 3rd
Strikeout looking. Wow, he quit messing around

Janzen puts up 2 zeroes the hard way.

4-0 OSU
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Ritchie walks on 3-2 pitch. Wow, close pitch
Daugherty walks
Crull strikes out swinging
Ehrhard walks, bases FOC
--new pitcher
Benge sac fly, RBI
Meola strikes out swinging on 86mph fastball

1 run 0 hits

EIGHT stranded so far

5-0 OSU
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