OSU Womens Tennis

Is it an NCAA recognized championship?
No. The ITA runs college tennis. The NCAA championships are in May.
This is a tournament bybthe ITA called the Indoor "National Championship".
Think of the ITA events being similar to the French Open, US Open, etc...
Oh well shoot. That sucks lol. That's right I remember watching the championship after I came home from osu after finals when they lost.
The ITA Indoor National Championship is the last tournament before conference play begins. Winning is still a big deal, but there is plenty of tennis to be played. We have two non-conference matches and then play thirteen conference matches. Once conference play is complete, and depending on our record, we will have an opportunity to compete in the B12 Championship, NCAA Championship (team), and the NCAA Individual Championship. What makes this season even more interesting, aside from a fantastic start, is that both the B12 Championship and the NCAA Championships (team and individual) will be held in Stillwater, at Greenwood starting mid-May. It should be pretty exciting if we can keep up with the same level of play as we are right now.
Coming down to the wire. 3-3 team points. Last match in the 3rd set. OSU player was up 5-2. On just 5-4. Just need to win one more gameā€¦
Cowgirls are undefeated and still number 1 heading to Austin for a huge matchup. The girls had to come from behind to beat Texas earlier in the season and squeaked out a win. It's been fun watching them on espn+ these last few weeks. This team is deep and experienced.

The girls have beaten the #2 team Michigan 2 times, #3 team Stanford, #4 team pepperdine, #7 team texas, and more top 25 teams. They have absolutely dominated the big 12 so far as well.
Massive win today from the girls. Won 4-3 in a close one against Texas, but on the road. Beat OU this weekend and the path to the big 12 title is easy with all top half teams beaten.
Texas was ranked #7 too. Very impressive.
Cowgirls remain unbeaten overall and won at least a share of the big 12 title with 1 game remaining against a bottom team!!! Way to go cowgirls!