this is PRIDE!


a friend posted on social media: (I will paraphrase)...says it really well...

"Nobody on earth wanted me to be straight more than me." "People love to say and assume that we are choosing to be gay, bi, trans, etc. Why would anyone 'choose' that? Why would you choose to be scrutinized, bullied, mocked, be told you are less than, have people who are supposed to love you unconditionally not accept you, be looked at differently because your family isn't what society says it should look like, worried about what your children may go through because they have 2 moms."
"There was a time where I truly 'wanted' to be straight, to be what was taught was 'normal', but now I'm so grateful for my life, and who is in my life. I am grateful for my wife, and kids, and family who loves and accepts us for who we are."
"Pride Month is so important, visibility is so important, living my life authentically and unapologetically is so important. It is important for the youth that is going through these feelings and feel like they have nowhere to turn, those who are lost and confused, for them to see that it is OK to be gay, bi, trans, etc. We are not out here trying to turn children gay or trans, we are simply showing them that it's OK if they are! People are not going to 'turn' gay or trans because they see a rainbow or a Pride Parade or a drag show. That's what people don't get, you are not going to 'turn' gay or trans, it's something already in you. Visibility is important! Happy Pride Month friends!"