Tech Game

Start off the game hot from 3. We are still in love w the 3 but at least we are taking good 3s out of the flow of the offense.

Asberry continues to suck behind screens and gives up open 3s. Absolutely no fight to get over the top and leaves the hedge defender in horrible position.
Perfect example of how bad of a coach this guy is. End of half 7 second differential shot to game clock. We have committed 5 fouls.

Doesn’t call a play from the bench as Wright yo-yo dribbles for 15 seconds. No movement. No side to side ball action. Pass to left wing and Harris lets the shot clock expire before even getting a shot.

That sucks but it gets worse. We only have 5 fouls w 7 seconds left. They are going to run run the clock and try to get a last shot. Let them but when they start their action commit a foul. No one better to do it than Harris right? But no we sub him out. Then we get a switch and Cisse commits the foul. Would have been nice to have Harris do that then sub him out.
The last 3 possessions are what makes this so bad to watch. Up 13. Get a stop. Instead of using clock like we have all game we speed dribble and empty possession. Then wr shoot a bad contested 3 early in the clock. Then we make a terrible entry pass and compound that w weak hands for a turnover. Instead of being up 15+ and using another 30 seconds of clock we keep the lead at 13 and extend the game clock.
The last 10 minutes have been the most frustrating 10 minutes of OSU basketball in a long time.

It’s like no one cares. No leadership on the floor or bench.

I know it’s a broken record but my wife is tired of hearing me drop the f bomb.
Just not smart basketball. Tech has killed you in The second half with 3s and you leave them open.

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