Baylor Game

Question out of curiosity. Does anyone support Boynton?
Not me. He's no better than Travis Ford. Every year it's going to be fighting just to make the tourney and then a first or second round loss if we do make it. Dude is not a good coach. Supposedly he's a good recruiter, but when he gets someone who's supposed to be great, their game gets worse when they come here.
We haven’t scored in 4 minutes and that dumbass goes w cisse, Harris and Williams. How are we going to get back in it w those guys?
We have another 2 years of this at least I’m afraid. He has more than proven he isn’t the man for the job.
Just think how loud you'd laugh in someone's face after we lost in the sweet sixteen in 2005 and they claimed to be a time traveler from the future and they told you that OSU basketball wouldn't amount to anything for the next 18+ seasons and GIA would only be 1/4 full most games.
I feel like if he doesn't get in this season...the pressure will really be on come next year. I like Mike...I want him to succeed...but you have to win basketball games.