I start this thread only to ask, what kind of reception do you expect Avery Anderson to get tonight?

I personally don't blame him for leaving. It's different than some of the football guys to me. It was clear the program/coach didn't have the ability to help him grow into the player he wanted to be.
I hope he doesn't get boo'd. I don't blame him one bit. Everything you said is 100% accurate. He obviously made the decision he thought was best for him and he was right. Can't fault him at all.

I cannot name one player during Boynton's tenure who has actually developed. Mike is a great guy, but a terrible HC.
My device will be tuned to a hockey game with puck drop scheduled same time as our tipoff. Might dip into our broadcast during commercials or intermission.
The refs DO know what traveling is, right?
It’s a stupid rule but he was juggling possession while walking. I’ve seen it called that way before. What I don’t understand is why everyone doesn’t just bobble the ball all the way down the court.
TCU has really cut its turnovers down, from 27 last week to only 2 so far. That's a good sign, I guess, that they are still down. (trying to have some optimism here)