Why do I still plan my free time around an OSU basketball game? Old habits die hard, I guess. Poor basketball by both teams so far.
Cowboys trail 6-9 at first media timeout. Dow playing hard. The offense has thrown up a couple of air balls. This team has no confidence.

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This is the most embarrassing thing I’ve seen in almost 50 years of watching Cowboy basketball. Remove all doubt he has no idea what he is doing. He is panicking and the players know this and are playing like it.

I think I’ve gone from frustration to apathy to empathy. I truly feel sorry for him.
Daily has to freaking put some muscle on his shots and freaking dunk the ball! He should have 10 easy points by now.
Hate to pile on the negativity here... but this is dreadful basketball by both teams. Hopefully the play picks up.. no fun watching bad basketball.
There we go.
He’s like Thompson. They aren’t explosive or quick.
I was excited to watch Thompson develop. That hasn't happened yet. Not sure if he just peaked during his high school years or if just poor coaching. But, yeah.. no development. He still has another year, so hopefully his last go-round is the year he finally develops.