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Oregon State is 6-1 this year, its only loss coming to Arkansas on Friday, 5-4.

They will start RHP Eric Segura (0-0, 3.60) a freshman who has made one start against Cal St-Bakersfield. HOPEFULLY we can have a good approach and end up somewhere south of 25Ks.
Ehrhard walks
--steals 2nd
Wulfert flies out to RF
Schubart walks
Meola RBI single scores Ehrhard, runners move up on throw home
Brueggeman gets ahead 3-1 and then takes strike 3 down the middle

Does anyone have word on Ian’s injury?

Obviously Beau is on crutches with a knee brace pending tests once they get back to Stilly, but Carter being our only healthy catcher is a real concern.
LaSalle HBP. Right on the elbow, ouch
Forsythe strikes out in a pitch way up and in. Have to stop that crap
Carter down looking
Ehrhard strikes out swinging

This kid has more K's against us in 2 innings than he did against Cal St Bakersfield in 5.
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Single to RF
2 run HR to LF
Lineout to LF
Home run to RF
Strike out looking

Oregon State is what we wish we are with the bats
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