Mizzu St vs OSU

Looks like Nolan is back in the lineup. Good news!

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On the radio…

The Chief, “Rex would you like to hear some scores from around the league?”

Rex, “Is a frog’s butt water tight?!”

Gotta love Rex and The Chief!

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Chief hinted at a potential change in the rotation. Not saying that Ure would be in any shape to start on the weekend right out of the gate but if this is true I would think Kiesel gets moved to a bullpen role and someone will need to take the Sunday spot.
With as much as they keep slobbering all over Gabe Davis being an MLB guy (and his 5+ against Arkansas) I keep waiting to see him get a weekend nod. If he can't close two nights on the weekend, seems wasted out there in the pen. I am in now way advocating it just seems like a disconnect.