OSU at Iowa State

T1 Schurman RHP for ISU

Poullard grounds out to 1B
Davis pops out to shallow RF
Wang grounds out to 3B

2 of the 3 pitches we put in play were not in the strike zone
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Godwin fouls out to 1B
McDonald reaches on error by 2B, fell down as the ground ball got to here
Wark K's swinging on 3-2 pitch
Lott grounds a single into RF
Bloodworth flies out to RF

Only one swing and a miss so far (by Wark), but also only one ball decently hit
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Walk. Got ahead 1-2
Strikeout swinging
--passed ball and the runner moves to 2nd
Walk on 3-2 pitch. She's determined to locate the drop ball down and in, but keeps missing
--Eberle out. Probably saying to start challenging them and quit trying to be so fine
Strikeout swinging
Ground out to 3B, Poullard gets the force there

ISU strands two free passes

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Timm K's swinging. Watches two pretty good pitches go by, and then chases a bad onelll
Poullard lines out hard to CF
Davis reaches on infield single to 2B, almost an amazing play
Wang taps out to 1st on first pitch

For some perspective, last weekend this pitcher lasted 1.1 innings versus KU and gave 6 runs and in the other appearance gave 4 runs in 1.2 innings. OU of course lit her up twice. Yet we can't get a runner to 2nd
Godwin pops out to shallow CF, she's slumping
McDonald singles up the middle
Wark lazy flyout to LF
Lott flies out to LF

We hardly look like a top 5 team right now. This is already Schnurman's 3rd longest outing of the year, and in the other two she gave 3 or more runs
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Bloodworth pops out to 2B
Timm singles down LF line
Poullard swings at a pitch at her eyes and pops out to CF
Davis singles to LF
Wang grounds out to SS, nice play

Cowgirls still scoreless. It's possible Wang may not bat again
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HR to RCF, first hit of the day
Ground out to 1B
Groundout to SS, nice dig by Godwin
Infield single to SS
Flyout to deep LF

1-0 ISU leads, they are #94 in RPI
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for some reason ISU brings in a new pitcher (2-5 4.46ERA). By far Schurman's best outing of the year

Godwin grounds out to 3B
McDonald flies out to CF
PH Warsop pops out to shallow LF

Not much a response there.
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Double to left center on 0-2 pitch
Strikeout swinging
HBP on 0-2 pitch
Walk on a 3-2 pitch loads the bases
Next batter HBP, RBI
Strikeout swinging
Strikeout looking

Lexi literally handed them a run. 5 free passes given in 6IP

2-0 last call for the Cowgirls, didn't think I'd say that this weekend. Man.
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Epitome of laying an egg offensively…no excuse for it
This is where Kenny's laid back nature sometimes doesn't translate with 18-24 year old young women who need a kick in the a$$ and with just about every hitter trending downward against not the best competition you have to wonder about Shippy's ability to get them to make adjustments.