Easter weekend series at Kansas


Final 3 of our 7 road games before Easter Sunday. Time to bounce back after the loss to Wichita St.

Not sure who will start in the circle for the Cowgirls…my guess it would be either Kelly Maxwell or Lexi Kilfoyl.

Last few games, Kyra Aycock has not been as sharp as she did earlier. Not sure if she hit the Fr. wall or just a victim of scouting reports. Either way, we need her to be the Kyra Aycock that pitched against Florida St.

Ivy Rosenberry did fairly well. It stinks that our defense made crucial mistakes that gave them too big of a lead to overcome.

Our hitting was pretty good. Only two hitters didn’t record a hit. The only downside I would point out is the slow start of the game. How talented the top of the lineup, we should be more productive early in games. Wichita St was the aggressive team that night…while we were too patient. It is what it is….just learn and get better.

Game 1 will start tonight instead of Friday because of Easter. Game time is at 5 pm on ESPN+

Game 2 is Friday at 5 pm on ESPN+

Game 3 is Saturday at 12 pm on ESPN+

Kilfoyl in the circle

flied to LF
grounded to SS…great hustle by Naomi to get to the ball that bounced over Kilfoyl head
K swinging

end of 1

Wark single up the middle
Wynne walked, runners on 1st and 2nd(both former Jayhawks reached base)
Factor SAC Bunt to 1B, runners on 2nd and 3rd
Carwile RBI Double to left, runners on2nd and 3rd
Tuck hit into FC to 3B, runner out at home, runners on the corners
Bloodworth RBI Double to right center, runners on 2nd and 3rd
Becker 2 run single to left
pitching change for Kansas
Edwards grounded to 1B unassisted

hitting the ball hard so far….keep it going
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K swinging
Grounded to P
single very hard play to make by the P….dang slow roller
Grounded to SS

end of 2

Cowgirls lead 4-0

Naomi walked
Naomi stole 2nd….under review…called was changed to an out
Wark flied to RF
Wynne double to right center
Factor flied to RF
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Carwile flied to CF
Tuck grounded to 2B(nice play by the 2B…dang her lol)
Bloodworth grounded to 3B
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