Cowboys vs Chicago State

Playing really well so far. Up 30-14
It’s amazing how our 3 highest IQ kids leave the game and we stagnate. IMO you have to have Small or Dailey or Garrison on the floor. We also have have either Keller or Small on the floor at all times and would sit Bryce when I sit small. He’s so much better when small is on the floor primarily bc small distributes to him most of the time when it’s catch and shoot (takes away the ball handling opportunities for Bryce). . I would also play Wright over Hicklan.
7-7. from the free throw line. Who are these guys?

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Meanwhile, last night K-State hosted this same team (C-State) with over 9k fans showing up. And Baylor hosted Cornell in front of 7500 fans. I can't put my finger on it but maybe it's just that Wednesdays are bad days to play basketball games?
Both of those teams have had recent/sustained success and a fan base that is excited to watch them play. OSU is very far from either.