Big 12 CCG Score Predictions


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Despite all of the ups and downs this year, with things in doubt multiple times, we have made the CCG. It seems few are giving us a chance to win this game. I actually feel better about it than the last couple. The pressure is off of us and squarely on Texas. Our players will be hungry and ready to prove themselves.

I think we will get the upset, 27 to 24 (haha), with Quinn (softy) Ewers throwing two picks. What do you think will happen and what score are you predicting?
The pressure is definitely on Texas. When is the last time they played in a MUST WIN game? For them, this is for their first (and last) Big 12 Championship in 10 years..a chance at the CFP...playing in their home state...eyes of texass and all of that BS.

Pokes win 35-34