Weekend series VS WVU

OSU is back home trying to get out of a funk against West Virginia, who is 23-10 and 3-3. The 'Neers lost 2 of 3 last weekend in Lawrence and lost to Penn State during the week, so they aren't on fire by any means either.

I'll be at tonight's game so won't be posting (as much).

WVU starts a lefty who is 2-1 with a 4.05 ERA

OSU appears to moving JWB back to the Friday slot.

OSU was hitting ,325 as a team about a month ago but is now tied with WVU at .299, which ranks 50th in the nation.

OSU's team ERA is a way too high 5.20 (97th) and WVUs is a very respectable 4.26 (34th).
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Credit to JWB for competing, but this team needed a better outing out of him.

The pitching staff in general has struggling to get batters out when ahead in the count. How many times have we seen an OSU pitcher get up 0-2 or 1-2 in the count and walk the batter? That has to change.

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