3 game home stand vs Iowa St.


Iowa St coming to Stillwater 13-23 overall and 1-8 in conference play. At times, they play pretty good like game 1 vs OU when they lost 3… Game 2, they jumped out to a 2-0 lead. Next inning, the pitcher didn’t get a call strike that she thought it should….you can see the pitcher lost composure and the team as a whole played uninspired rest of the game. It wouldn’t surprise me that Iowa St ends up in last place in the conference. Their remainging conference series is against OSU, home vs Baylor and at Kansas.

We should sweep them this weekend. My concern is…do we play down to our competition? If we do like we did in some games already….we will struggle but still play good enough to win.

Iowa St is hitting a .228 as a team with 26 home runs. They have also had 185 K’s.

Their pitching staff ERA is 4.21 and giving up 44 home runs and opponents batting a .254.

I will be in Stillwater Saturday for the game. I will not be able to give updates per innings.

Soft floater to P
Single to right, E9 on the throw runner advanced to 2nd
Popped to 3B
Single RBI to center
K swinging

Wark flied to CF at the right center warning track
Carwile Double to left center
Wynne grounded to 1B unassisted, runner advanced to 3rd
Edwards Lineed to 2B

end of 2
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Factor HOME RUN left center
Naomi popped to SS
Wark walked on 4 pitches
Carwile RBI Double left field line and rolled into the corner
Pitching change for Iowa St
Wynne lined to RF double up the runner at 2nd.

end of 4

2-1 Cowgirls
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grounded to SS
single through the right side, Becker just missed it on a diving try
K swinging
stoled second
Runner Advanced to 3rd on WP
flied to CF

Edwards flied to LF
Tuck single to left
Bloodworth FC to 2B 4-6, runner on 1st
Play under review…..call stands
Becker 2 run HOMER to left center….streak is alive
Factor grounded to 2B

end of 5

4-1 Cowgirls
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