Today’s Game

I have two tickets to tonight’s game I will not be able to use unfortunately. If you want them they are yours. PM me if interested.

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T1 Jansen Keisel gets the start vs California Baptist (BYU transfer 3-2 last year)
--wild pitch
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Mendham grounds out to 1B
Benge strikes out looking
Meola singles off the SS glove, hard hit ball
Schubart lines a single to RF. His first hit. Looked pretty.
--CBU goes to bullpen, this guy pitched 4 scoreless vs OU
Brown pops out to CF. He's 1 for 10 so far this year.


Interesting comment from Tom Holliday--"What Josh is learning, is that as much as you want to treat your players well, you can't let them run the program. It's not just him everyone has that problem. Mike (Gundy) does, too."
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Adkison ground out to 2B
Ehrhard Ks swinging (6th K in 13AB)
Riggio singles away from the shift into LF. That was nice to see.
McLean walks
Mendham K's swinging on a pitch that wasn't close.

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T4 Keisel still pitching
Strikeout looking (6th K)
Strikeout swinging
Strikeout swinging

Keisel with by far the best start of the year

Tom notes that three pitchers are "on schedule" to be back. Bogusz, Benge (2 weeks), and Hendri are throwing. Ure is lost for the year.
Riggio down loooking
McLean walks for the third time
Mendham lines a single into CF, McLean to 3rd
Benge HBP, bases loaded
Meola strikes out on a pitch in the dirt
Schubart lines out to LF

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Runner reaches on error by Riggio. Tough play but the throw was in the dirt. Mendham can't scoop it. CBU's third baserunner of the day.
Sac bunt moves runner to 2nd
--Drew Blake to the mound 1-0 9.00 ERA
Flyout to left.
--O'Toole in 0-0 0.00 in 2.2 IP
Ground out to SS

Couldn't ask for more from the pitching staff

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Riggio walks. Good job laying off the curve in the dirt on 3-2
--new pitcher walked 6 in 3IP vs OU
McLean strikes out on a slider that was 2 feet outside. Got himself out on consecutive swings that weren't close. That's last year's Nolan.
--new pitcher
Mendham two run HR to LF. Laser shot the other way.
--new pitcher
Benge strikes out on three pitches
Meola infleld single. Rolled one to third.
--wild pitch moves the runner
Schubart walks
Brown pops out to 3B (1 for 13 so far)

2-0 OSU

Last call for the Lancers
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Groundout to 2B

Cowboys win 2-0.

5 pitchers combine for a no hitter

Outstanding game for OSU. Offense wasn't great, but got the big hit. Pitching and defense were amazing.
Bullpen looks like the strength of the team early (how long has is it been since we’ve been able to say that?). Looks like with the game 1 starter and this guy we’ve got a good couple of starters. Just need to find a reliable Sunday guy