Stillwater Regional


Starting at 3 pm n ESPN+ OSU Cowgirls will take on UMBC.

Hearing some people picking UMBC to pull off the upset of our Cowgirls. How we been playing these last few weeks…I understand. Hope the ladies use this disrespecting fuel their motivation to run rough shot over their opponents this weekend.

Game 2 today at 6 pm is Nebraska vs Wichita St….I know a lot of people are picking Wichita St to win the regional….I’m going to take Nebraska to win this game. Yeah call me crazy but I don’t like how Wichita St been playing as of late. They have scored 4 runs in the last three games. Their offense has become dismaL.

We control our destiny…..we need to cut out the errors and get timely hitting. The last time I added up….we left approx 342 runners on base. Have not found any other school with more runners left on base. but I only check a handful. Here we go on a fresh start. GO POKES!

Ole Miss hit a 2 run shot to dead center. Almost had a 3 run shot that went just foul of the left field pole. Baylor got her to hit into a double play and another ground out to get out of that part of the inning.

Baylor P West is getting hit hard.

Becker grounded to 1B unassisted
Factor walked
Naomi bunt single, runners on 1st and 2nd….great bunt
Wark flied to RF
Carwile grounded to P

end of 1
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Wynne flied to CF
Edwards single through right side
Tuck E5 between the 3B legs
Bloodworth lined to SS into a double play 6-4

end of 2
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