My Day Today

It's going to be a busy one.

Undergrad #2 kicks off at 2:00 PM.

Bedlam and UGA/Mizzou both kickoff at 3:30.

I'll have one game on the TV, one on the laptop, and one on the iPad. This is my first Bedlam in which I have an official side. I'm excited for it.

I've got my black cowboy hat on for the Pokes, an undergrad #2 t-shirt, and silver britches on for UGA. Three screens are live. Let's do this!!
I'm ready to kick this one off with the Pokes up now. Undergrad #2 and UGA both play at 7:00 PM tonight.

Undergrad #2 is playing its final game with our big rival as they are changing divisions after this year. We hold a 28-14 series lead. A victory gives us a share of the conference championship and puts us in the D-II playoffs.
Undergrad #2 won the rivalry game convincingly. Undergrad #1 won as well. UGA mauled Ole Miss.

...but I'm still bummed about the Pokes.
It's another multi-screen day. Undergrad #2 has its first-round playoff game at 1:00 PM. UGA (grad #1) kicks off at 3:30, and, of course, the Pokes at 4:00.
Undergrad #2 has a playoff game at 2:00 PM. The Pokes kick at 3:30 PM, and UGA kicks at 7:30 PM. I'm looking for another 3-0 day.
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