Midweek vs Utah Tech

Weber issues two walks and a wild pitch to start the inning, Walton out

Single to CF makes it 2-0, still nobody out
Weber throws a pickoff attempt into CF, runners move up
Walk loads the bases
--new pitcher is Gabe Davis
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Looked it up, Utah Tech is 1-11. Only win one one of four against Washington State. Swept by Wichita State this weekend. They hit .226 as a team and have a 8.31 team ERA
Top 3 Continued

Gabe Davis pitching with bases loaded, nobody out

Foul out to catcher
Strikeout swinging
Walk scores a run
--wild pitch scores a run
Strikeout swinging

Atrocious baseball.

4-0 Utah Tech
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Ehrhard infield single to SS
Benge K's swinging
Ortiz K's swinging
--Ehrhard steals 2nd
Brueggeman RBI single back up the middle
Meola singles through the left side
Wulfert RBI single to LF
Ritchie grounds out to 2B

UTU 4 3 1
OSU 2 6 1

It's the 4 walks that have been the difference
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Hit batter
Sac bunt
Single to CF, runner to third, Ehrhard airmails the cutoff man and runner moves to 2nd
Sac fly to the track scores a run, great catch by Benge. Runner to 3rd
Soft line out to SS

1 run, 1 hit

5-2 Utah Tech
Daugherty lines out to LF
Forsythe Ks swinging. Worst AB I've seen him have
Ehrhard walks
Benge flies out to the wall in LF, right into the teeth of the wind

5-2 UT