Game added for Monday: at Florida

B2 Kilfoyl pitching for OSU btw

Infield single
Flyout to CF
Groundout to 2B

Nice job by Lexi. We really need her to be that shutdown pitcher we know she can be.
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David singles to LF, 1st hit for OSU
Bloodworth out on popped up bunt. Have to execute better.
Edwards walks
Timm strikes out swinging
Godwin three run HR to LF. She hits the ball hard every time
Wang grounds out to 2nd

3 runs, 2 hits, 0 left

3-0 OSU

I think either by late this year or next year, Godwin will be our best hitter
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Florida is 8-1. But somehow we're the first ranked team they've faced. Their only loss was 2-1 to Michigan.

Single to CF
Strikeout on 3 pitches
Fielder's choice to SS, runner out at 2nd
Pop up to 2B

3-0 OSU
Foul out to 3B, diving catch by Edwards! That may be on some highlight reels
Lineout to Kilfoyl. Didn't even flinch.
Pop out to 2B

3-0 OSU

I hope we let Lexi go as far as she can. She's got them off balance right now.
David down swinging. 6th strikeout
Bloodworth pops out to C
Edwards popped up to SS

Other than one swing, the Cowgirls have done very little against what is a very good pitcher
Ground out to SS
Flyout to LF. Hit well, but Lott was there.
Single to RF. Barely got any of that, just out of Davis' reach
Groundout back to the circle

Lexi is shutting them down while also not getting a call on about 3 or 4 nasty change ups at the knees.

3-0 OSU
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PH Anderson strikes out swinging. Not sure that was the best place to PH (for Timm)
Godwin grounds out to 3B
Wang flies out to RF

10 in a row retired since HR. Hope 3 ends up being enough

Ground out to Kilfoyl. She fields her position really well.
Ground out to 3B. Edwards went far to her left.
Strikeout swinging after getting down 3-1

3-0 OSU
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New pitcher for Florida

Wark flies out to RF
Davis flies out to CF
PH McDonald grounds out to SS

13 straight Cowgirls retired but

...last call for the Gators
Trip to Florida overall was decent. Going 2-2 with the 2 losses being to good teams and winnable. The 2 wins were expected, but good nonetheless. I'll take it with a young team dealing with a weekend like this.