It would be a idea scenario if Tenn or OU or both to lose on day 1. It pretty much guaranteed them staying on that side of the bracket. Do not see it happen but I can dream a little.

The best game of day one is the OSU/FSU matchup. Looking back to our loss to FSU…FSU committed 5 errors that gave the Cowgirls 5 unearned runs. On the other hand, Kelly Maxwell and Lexi Kilfoyl did not pitch very well by giving up 9 walks combined. 15 total BB in Game 1&3 vs FSU. Did not add Kyra Aycock game 2 performance. If our pitchers pitch to their potential….we have a good chance going far. Thsee two teams could possible face each up to 6 times before it’s all done. I hope not.

Utah vs Washington is very evenly matchup. Washington did win the regular season series 2-1…..one of those games went 9 innings. Don’t think either one of these teams can defeat OSU or FSU.

First round picks

Hope I’m wrong on one or both of the first two games

Interested to see Canady Vs OUs offense. One the premier pitchers in the country and is only a freshman ( she almost was a cowgirl 😢).

OU and Tennessee are two of most complete teams in the field IMO, that said we have a real opportunity to make a deep run. Sleeper team I’ll go with Washington.
Alabama scored 2 in T3 to pull within 2.

B3 Tennessee scored 2 runs off a home run to extended it back to 4.

end of 3

Tenn 6-2
Tennessee up 10-5 in the 6th

Tennessee wins 10-5. Looked dominant for the most part. No way bama wins without Fouts pitching
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OU def Stanford 2-0. Elite pitching by both teams. OU was able to come up with the clutch hit and Stanford was not.

OU Vs Tennessee on Saturday….that’s a interesting match up.