Tucker Carlson Argues Pro-Israel Donors Funded ‘White Genocide’


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Trump was touting this guy as a potential VP running mate LAST WEEK

Tucker Carlson may no longer have a major television network to amplify his white supremacist, conspiratorial talking points ― but that doesn’t mean his views have changed.

The former Fox News host didn’t hesitate to link members of the Jewish community to anti-white sentiment and white genocide this week during a discussion of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war with fellow right-wing media figure Candace Owens.

After noting that he felt “so sorry for the Israelis who were killed” when Hamas launched an unprovoked attack on Israel on Oct. 7, Carlson nonetheless questioned what he described as the “disproportionate” response the raid had received.

“Our country is being invaded right now by millions of young men whose identities we don’t know, probably don’t even like America,” he said. “And they’re not living here. Over 100,000 Americans die every year of fentanyl. I’ve known a couple. Those are real tragedies.”

He went on to say: “I’ve never seen anything like the emotion from any commentator around those tragedies as I’m watching about a foreign tragedy. I think that’s odd.”

Elsewhere in the discussion, Owens brought up the “anti-white, explicit racism” that she says exists on college campuses across the country, prompting Carlson to denounce pro-Israel donors at U.S. universities that he claims have been funding “white genocide.”

“If the biggest donors at, say, Harvard have decided, ‘Well, we’re going to shut it down now,’ where were you the last 10 years when they were calling for white genocide? You were allowing this,” he said. “You were paying for it. You were calling my children immoral for their skin color. You paid for that, so why shouldn’t I be mad at you? I don’t understand.”

During his Fox News tenure, Carlson frequently touted the so-called “great replacement” conspiracy theory, which claims that progressive Americans have been attempting to flood the U.S. with nonwhite immigrants in order to retain political power.

This theory overlaps with the antisemitic claim that Jewish people have been financially and politically masterminding the effort ― a point that tech billionaire Elon Musk also appeared to endorse this week.

As a number of media outlets have pointed out, Carlson’s argument also overlooks the American victims of the Hamas attack. At least 33 U.S. citizens were confirmed to have been killed, with more than a dozen still unaccounted for.


I implore all of you to pay attention to these types of things, the words they use and when/how they are saying it. If you don't see where this is going by now you are blind. He said all of this on a

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The highly emotional and obscene rantings of Alex Jones are quite useful in making conservatives look incredibly insane while having minds full of crass paranoia. That Musk, who is more conservative than liberal, still won't let Jones back on X is highly reflective of that very fact.

If Jones can't get enough gullible fools to buy his snake oil soon, then he may be gone sometime in 2024. I hope more people than ever before are seeing him for what he really is. Over 20 years ago when Jones was getting started in talk show media, he was surprised that many of his callers were taking his sarcastic comments as serious. He has been taking advantage of that ever since.
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I believe in just letting Target worry about that stuff and its effect on its bottom line. When people outside of Target worry about it, I wonder what good lives they seem to be having.