Super regionals

Cowgirls host Zona tomorrow, but I started this thread early to discuss other super regionals starting tonight.

The lovely Devyn Flaherty just ripped a 2 run single off Kevin Durant to tie FSU up with OU
Plenty of talent has enter the portal…..biggest pitcher that I saw is Washington Maylen(sp?).

I honestly think we will try to get up to 3 pitchers a catcher and an OF.

The Ole Miss Lassiter CF look good that I think will mesh well with what we have coming back
Poullard walks
Edwards doubles down RF line
Wang sac fly
Karli singles to CF, RBI, advances to 2nd on throw
Rosie llines out to CF
Timm pops out, she really needs to fix her swing plane

2-0 OSU
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Wark hammers a single up the middle
--'Cats go to the pen
McDonald sac bunt....ahead of Bloodworth?
Bloodworth hits her 100th infield pop out of the year
Poullard Ks

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