Cowgirls at Tulsa

Batting order

1. 3B Edwards
2. CF Timm
3. 1B Godwin
4. RF Wang
5. 2B Davis
6. DP Wark
7. C Schneidmiller
8. SS Bloodworth
9. LF Graf

TU pulls off the upset and wins 3-0

First time TU has won against the cowgirls since 2019.

They simply wanted this game more than we did. Just a flat out bad loss
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We’re at the point where we need to settle down on a lineup. The rotation of outfielders needs to stop. Timm isn’t a CF, put her in the corners. I get it, in the era of the transfer portal..we got to keep everyone happy. At the same time, it’s not realistic. Find the best CF and LF on the team and let them grow. Leave Claire at RF where she was doing well.

If anyone is interested….what I post is fun to keep up with through the season. The RPI and projected season results is updated few times a day. I just looked at our projection for the season and he has us with 46 wins(not counting the postseason) and with this L to Tulsa……Tulsa is now up to 37 in RPI.

Quad 1 on here is the top 50.
Quad 2 is 51-100
Quad 3 is 101-150
Quad 4 is 151-350 something

By this…Tulsa is now a Quad 1 team. We shouldn’t be losing to them in the first place but if we do lose a game or games….i rather it be to teams within the Quad 1 area. It’s a fun tool to look at.

It has us winning the series vs BYU 2-1 at the moment and having us sweeping Texas. I take that result but I rather sweep BYU as well as Texas.