Bowl Selection Thread

I'm thinking Texas Bowl vs Auburn or A&M. Rumor has KState in the Pop Tart.
They are saying it all depends on if Texas jumps into the top 4 and makes the CFP which probably puts Zero in the Cotton Bowl because they would be a top 12 ranked team 🤮🤮🤮 and us in the Alamo Bowl! If Texas doesn’t make the CFP they are Cotton bound, Zero to Alamo and we end up in Houston! I guess stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤔
I hope Texas makes the playoff. Maybe OU would get the Cotton and we could get the Alamo. My reasoning for Texas getting in is this, as someone else said on Facebook.

Washington undefeated in
Michigan undefeated In
FSU undefeated. Should be in.
Texas beat Bama. Bama beat Georgia. Texas and Georgia did not play each other.
Texas should be in.
Tournament reason for putting Bama in instead will be that Bama lost to higher ranking team.
They'll put Georgia in instead of FSU reasoning sec is the higher ranked conference.
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I wouldn't mind seeing Texas v. Bama, but Georgia seems to have the more credible chance to get in. The undefeated teams, I agree, should be in.
I’m betting:
4-Florida State

There’s too much precedent already & the committee has shown they really don’t GAF what pundits, coaches, Sankey etc say or think.
it befits us to go to a lesser bowl in that we are not a 'prime time' team...after Bedlam, we have been a $h!t show...ucf 3-45, beat a bad houston 43-30, have to go to OT to beat a bad byu and of course texas sets about 29 big 12 championship game records against us...