(7) Oklahoma State v. Stanford


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Today (Sunday), we host Stanford at 2:00 in GIA. Should be on ESPN+ if you arent able to get away from Super Bowl prep. Shoudl be an easy win for us, as Stanford i son the edge of the top 25, but as always, there are a few interesting matchups where we could get some big wins.

125: Reece Witcraft (16-6) v. (28) Nico Provo (16-6). Reece has the opportunity to pick up another ranked win here and if he does, I expect him to start appearing in some of the rankings next week. He has been wrestling well, and I do expect a win here. OSU 3-0

133: (2) Daton Fix (19-0) v. (28) Jackson DiSario (15-8). Honestly, if Fix doesn't get the pin here, I will be disappointed. Disario held on for a 7-3 loss when tehy wrestled a year and a half ago, but he has been majored and tech falled against 2 other excellent guys this year. Fix needs to start really putting it on these guys. OSU 9-0

141: (15) Carter Young (11-9) v. Jason Miranda (13-7): Young's losses have mainly been to top guys as 141 is really wide open and has lots of really good wrestlers. Miranda isnt one of those. Win by decision, but I dont think it will be close. OSU 12-0

149: (21) Victor Voinovich (13-6) v. (11) Jaden Abas (19-4): Vic has a chance to make a statement, but Abas is really good. He was an all american in 2021 and has been wrestling well, especially against guys like Vic. On the ohter hand Vic has the talent to pull off the upset. Im calling this one 4-5 Abas in a heart breaker. OSU 12-3

157: (10) Kaden Gfeller 155) v. (26) Charlie Darracott (18-8): G is higher ranked but Darracott beath him in OT earlier this year, 2-3. I think G pulls this one out and gets his revenge. OSU 15-3

165: (25) Wyatt Sheets (12-9) v. (3) Shane Griffith (20-1): Sheets has the upset over Tanner Cook in Friday, but Griffith is a whole other animal. He's finished 2nd and 1st in the last two NCAA's and if Sheets can keep from giving up bonus points, it'll be a win. Griffith by 7. OSU 15-6

174: (9) Dustin Plott (16-3) v. (27) Tyler Eischens (19-5): this is one that Plott should easily win, but he's lost his last two matches to guys ranked around 10. I think he pulls this one out, but it'll be closer than it should be, lie kit was the only other time they faced, a Plott win (7-6). 7-5. OSU 18-6

184: (10 Travis Wittlake (14-3) v. Brook Byers (12-6). Wittlake should win this one pretty easily and hopefully pick us a bonus point. 13-3. OSU 22-6

197: (16) Luke Surber (15-6) v, (28) Nick Stemmet (18-5): Surber majored Stemmet 13-5, 6 weeks ago and I see another big win, but not quite a major. 10-3. OSU 25-6

HWT: (23) Konner Doucet (13-7) v. Peter Ming (13-9): Doucet Majored Ming. I don't think he does that here, let's call it 7-3. OSU 28-6.
Starting at 133:

Fix v. Disario

I started late, Fix up 4-1 in the second, Disario putting on a tough ride. rides him out. Wow.

3: Disario takes top. Fix gets a reverse eventually. 6-1 win. Disappointing.

OSU 3-0
149: Voinovich v. Abas

1: Abas strikes first, 0-2. Escape by Vic pretty quickly. 1-2. Nice shot by Vic but can't convert. Abas gets a td near end of period. 1-4

2: Vic down. Out easy 2-4. Shot by Abas. Good D by Vic to fight it off. Vic in tight. Stacks Abas on his head. Stalemate (a little early IMO).

3: Abas down, cuts him. 2-5. Abas right back on him but back to neutral. Another deep sit by Vic, another stack. another ankle grab. Vic cant convert again! Ugh! Another shot this one converts. 4-5. Cuts him, 4-6. Abas kills the clock. Really missed an opportunity there .

OSU 6-3.
157: Gfeller v. Darracott.

1: Quick 2 on a high crotch by Darracott. 0-2. Escape (almost a reverse) 1-2. G definitely the aggressor. Great duck under by G. 3-2. Darracott rolls out into a reverse. 3-4. G out on a restart. 4-4. Great period by both guys.

2: Darracott down. Out fairly easy 4-5. Lots of tough pushing and shoving. Very active, especially by G. Darracott gets called for his second stalling. 5-5. G. Has a slick TD on some counter offense with 5 seconds left. 7-5.

3: G down. Escape by G. 8-5. Blood time. RT not a factor. G slowing down a little. Still more hands to the face. 9-5 win. Some yapping afer the match by Darracott. Not a good look when you just got whooped.

OSU 9-3.
Just stLl, stall, stall....cheap points. The giys need to just be agressive and make them make a move
165: Sheets v. Griffith

1: No score. Griffith kind of geets off a shot at the end, bt Sheets holds on to a leg.

2: Sheets down. Super slick switch by sheets for a reverse! 2-0. Rides for about 40 seconds before Griffith gets out. 2-1. Sheets hits a NICE duck but Griifith slips out.

3: Griffith down and out easy. Ties it up 2-2. Griffith has a nice shot, Sheets holds on to an ankle. Stalemate. Stanford throws a brick to look for an illegal hold. No call. 51 seconds left. Nothing much at end.

OT: Sheets misses a duck under, and Griffith gets a leg. Sheets fighting him off but loses it. Nice match by Sheets though.

OSU 9-6.
174: Plott v Eischens

1: Eischens on a leg (shocker). Stalemate. Plott in deep. Get the 2 on edge of the mat. Almost puts him on his back 2-0, Gramby for a revserse. 2-2. Plott on a leg again - Eischens to his back, but refs were out of position. Refs going to look at it. Give Plott 2. 5-2. Esichens get an escape. 5-3.

2: Eischens down. Out quick. 5-4. Plott on a leg again. Scramble. Needs to finish. Doesnt.

3: Plott down. Plott out fast. 6-4. Plott gets the TD to go up 8-4. Cuts him. 8-5. Another leg, another TD. 10-5. RT point for the 11-5 win.

OSU 12-6.
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184: Wittlake v. Byers

1: Wittlake on the board first after about a minute. 2-0. Cuts him quick. 2-1. Another td by Wittlake and cut 4-2. Another TD 6-2. Rides him out.

2: Wittlake down, out on the whistle. 7-2. Another leg by Wittlake. Stall warning on Byers. Takes him down. 9-2. Cuts him, 9-3. Byers shoots for the first time, weak shot and Wittlake counters for a TD. 11-3.

3: Byers down. Wittlake cuts him. 11-4 back on a leg. TD. 13-4 cut 13-5. TD 15-5. Cut 15-6. Ankle pick for a TD and cut 17-7. RT Locked. Byers lucks into a TD. 17-9. Major decision. OSU 16-6.
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197: Surber v. Stemmet

1: Surber has a leg immediately, finishes 2-0. Stemmet rolls out 2-1. Another TD for Surber 4-1. Escape 4-2. Surber getes an ankle, some good scrambling, but Surber holds on. 6-2.

2: Stemmet down. Over a minute of RT. Chicken wing to his back and a PIN! Nice!

OSU 22-6
HWT: Doucet v. Ming

1: Typical Doucet match of not really anything going on. Finally a shot by Doucet with 20 seconds, finishes with 5 seconds left. 2-0.

2: Doucet bottom. Pretty active trying to get out and does after 23 seconds. 3-0. Nothing else for rest of the period.

3: Ming down. Gets a revers. 3-2. Ming Optional start - 4-2. Doucet gets teh TD. 6-2. Rides him out for the 7-2 win.

OSU 25-6.
125: Witcraft v. Provo

1: Provo gets the quick TD 0-2. Long ride from Provo. Rides him out. Mountain of RT.

2: Neutral. Not much going on. No scores.

3: Provo down. Optional start after a minute riding. down 0-4 plus RT. 0-5. Witcraft gets a late TD but doesnt matter. 2-5.

OSU Wins. 25-9.