(6) Oklahoma State v. (UR) Oklahoma


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In what may be the second to last year of OU being part of the Big 12, they come to GIA a significant underdog for Senior night. OU is 9-7 over all (to OSU's 13-2) and they got about as close as they were going to when we met in December with OSU winning 21-15. The last OU win was nearly 10 years ago and OSU has won something like 18 in a row. With that said, they have some good wrestlers, especially young guys and should be competive at a few weights, so it won't be a complete blowout. Obviously you should be in GIA for any Bedlam dual, but if you can't make it, it will be on ESPN+ at 7:00 p.m.

125: (28) Reece Witcraft (16-7) v. (30) Joey Prata (16-7)
133: (2) Daton Fix (20-0) v. (28) Wyatt Henson (14-10)
141: (15) Carter Young (12-9) v. (7) Mosha Scwartz (20-2)
149: (20) Victor Voinovich (13-7) v. (19) Mitch Moore (13-5)
157: (9) Kaden Gfeller (16-5) v. Jacob Butler (14-7)
165: (23) Wyatt Sheets (12-10) v. (21) Gerrit Nijenhuis (12-5)
174: (11) Dustin Plott (17-3) v. (22) Tate Picklo (19-5)
184: (10) Travis Wittlake (15-3) v. Keegan Moore (5-8)
197: (17) Luke Surber (16-6) v. Carson Berryhill (5-10)
HWT: (22) Konner Doucet v. (15) Josh Heindselman (21-7)

As you can see, they are only favored by a decent margin in two matches (141 and HWT) and there are three what I would call tossups (125, 149, 165). I might throw 174 in there as Plott has been not great lately and Picklo has some talent. If they win all six of those, we could be in some trouble, but I expect bonus points at 133, 184 and 197, so that may stretch it a bit even if they really wrestle as well as they can. I'm calling it 24-9 OSU
They gotta do something about the reviews. In a sport where endurance is a huge piece, the long reviews benefit the underconditioned.
Well that was fun. I brought a Sooner superfan because he said watching bedlam in GiA was on his bucket list. He had a great time despite the loss.

Young continues to show he’s got the talent to AA if he puts it all together. Always good to see turncoat Kegan and Tubselman lose. We liked pretty good going into Iowa Sunday.
BTW Wyatt Hensons dad is nuts. He was screaming and pointing at John Smith half the match. Seems to be some bad blood there

Kegan Moore needs to shut up too. He’s 5-9 on the year.