White Rural Rage: The Secret Political Force Shaping America’s Future

The article starts, "Why do Red State voters tolerate being conned and ripped off by their own elected representatives? Mainstream media have made it clear that they won’t expose the damage Republicans are doing to rural America."

I don't think Red State rural voters feel ripped off at all. What matters most to them as political issues are still the 3 Gs--God, Guns and Gays. In other words, it's the culture war. Issues like improving education, the local economy and better access to healthcare are well down the list. Republicans are still doing a great job of addressing the 3 Gs for rural folks.

People vote against their own interests every election. Our country can only work well with an informed electorate. Media mostly tries, but “alternative facts” rule the uninformed. The entertainment sources that pretend to be news are consistently fooling the uninformed. These care only about profits and couldn’t care less about the Republic. There is nothing patriotic about spreading lies and ignorance to the people. Our enemies LOVE this, and many are working daily to promote our destruction from within. Show of hands: how many of you believe Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, etc. desire our demise? One of our two parties is embracing Putin and Russia openly. Good grief, when did our enemy become our friend? When did Putin become more important than supporting democracies? Who embraced Russian intelligence over our seventeen agencies? Oh that’s right, it’s the king grifter charged with 91 counts. People we’ve got to point out the frequently occurring misinformation and lies to our kinsmen. Strive to promote truth over lies for the sake of a recognizable country. Please don’t judge people by their words but by their actions (fruits). If a tree doesn’t bear good fruit it should be cut down and burned as firewood. Please be the one that sets a match to lies, misinformation, and propaganda. Don’t allow your friends and relatives to be deceived without uttering a word. If we shine a bright enough light on the truth the lying cockroaches will scurry away. If you choose to accept this assignment, good luck. If not, we’ll be destroyed from within in the next possibly last election. My2cents