Republican withdraws Missouri ‘Abortion Homicide’ bill that sought to potentially bring Murder charges on any woman who had an abortion in the state.


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This law sought to open the door for any woman who had an abortion in the State of Missouri to potentially be charged with Murder.

Both Republicans and Democrats blasted the attempted bill. After Bi-Partisan back lash R- Bob Titus withdrew the bill and blamed the Media for mischaracterizing his interest in this pursuit as being hostile toward women.

Sponsor withdraws Missouri ‘Abortion Homicide’ bill following bipartisan backlash​

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (First Alert 4) - A controversial piece of Missouri legislation that would expose women who receive abortions in the state to murder charges will be withdrawn by its sponsor, according to a message received Tuesday night, hours after the bureau’s story on the legislation was published.

“I am withdrawing the bill,” said a 9:51 p.m. email from state Rep. Bob Titus, R-Billings. “The media has mischaracterized my interest as hostile toward women. Nothing could be further from the truth. My heart breaks for the killing of children.”

Titus did not respond to a request sent at 8:01 a.m. Tuesday for an interview about his legislation.

The bureau also did not receive a response from state Sen. Mike Moon, who filed identical legislation in the Missouri Senate. As of this article’s publication, Moon’s version of the bill has not been withdrawn.

The legislation was heavily criticized by both abortion rights advocates and anti-abortion groups.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, who has long supported anti-abortion legislation and positions, said the bill sends a bad message.

“I think when we try to start doing something like that, it’s probably something that’s not good for anybody,” Parson told reporters Tuesday.

House Republican leadership said the legislation is not aligned with the party’s platform.

“These bills do not represent the mainstream thinking of Missourians or Republicans in the general assembly,” said House Majority Floor Leader Jon Patterson, R-Lee’s Summit. “They are not pro-life. Our body should focus on legislation that makes life better for Missourians and makes families want to live here. These bills would do the opposite.”

The Missouri Legislative session begins on January 3.

Constitutional Right to Abortion in Missouri

Multiple efforts are underway in the state of Missouri to put a version of an abortion rights question before voters on the November 2024 statewide ballot.

One effort, supported by abortion rights advocates and organizations, would lift the state’s strict ban on abortion and enshrine reproductive rights in the state’s constitution.

Another initiative, backed by moderate conservatives, would mildly scale back the abortion ban by introducing exceptions for cases of rape, incest and an anomality deemed to be fatal to the fetus. This initiative would also block the government from interfering in an abortion procedure during the first trimester, or 12 weeks, of a pregnancy.

Both efforts have been the subject of multiple court challenges focusing on the language which will be presented to voters, the fiscal note summary which informs voters of the financial impact of an amendment and challenges over adherence to the initiative process itself.

The news bureau recently asked Missouri’s GOP candidates for governor whether they would take an oath to ‘support’ the Missouri Constitution if voters include in it a provision protecting abortion rights.

While Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe and state Sen. Bill Eigel implied or outright stated that they would actively work to dismantle abortion rights after swearing the oath of office, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft said that his principles would not allow him to do.