Tuesday vs Missouri State


MSU starting a senior with 8.1 IP this year

Rosie doubles into RCF gap
Poullard grounds out to 1B, Davis to 3rd
Godwin sac fly to deep RF, RBI
Wang singles off the wall in RF, missed a HR by 2 feet
Timm grounds out hard to 2B

1-0 OSU
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Double to the wall in LF. Kyra has to quit serving up those kind of pitches
Infield single to SS
Hit batter
Fielder's choice to P, runner out at home
Strikeout looking (tough call)
Strikeout swinging

Nice job by Aycock
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Wark flies out to shallow LF
Schneidmiller infield single off pitcher's glove
Bloodworth singles to RF, ball gets past defense, run scores, Megan to 3rd. Ruled a triple and RBI
Anderson grounds out to SS, RBI
--new pitcher
Davis flies out to deep RF

3-0 Good Girls
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Single to RF
Infield single to 3B
Groundout to P, Kyra freezes and misses a chance to get lead runner. Gets out at 1st. She does not field her position like Ivy and Lexy do
Ground ball to P, Kyra throws it away trying to get runner at home. Very bad job executing a run down. Run scores
Wild pitch goes to back stop, no runner coming, Kyra drops throw from C, runner then comes home to score
Ground out to P
Ground out to C

3-2 OSU

That was the worst defensive inning I've ever seen a pitcher have
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Poullard pops out to shallow RF
Godwin doubles to LF, defender can't make sliding catch
Wang lines out to 2B
Timm fouls out to 1B. Chased a bad pitch. Her average is taking a nosedive

3-2 OSU
Double down LF line
Strikeout swinging
Walk to batter with zero career hits
Walk loads the bases
Strikeout looking. Wow, ump has a big zone
Strikeout looking

8K's for Kyra have helped her get out of the jams she's created

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MSU coach Hessi tossed between innings. Maybe arguing strike zone.

Shippy has bigger than usual team meeting between innings

Wark solo HR to LCF. Her dad caught the HR!
Shneidmiller flies out to deep LCF
Bloodworth pops out to 2B in foul territory
Anderson walks. Good AB
Davis doubles down LF line, Anderson FLIES around the bases and scores, RBI
--new pitcher, Swick from Stillwater
PH Page K's looking

5-2 OSU
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Pop out to 3B
HR to LF
HBP. Second time she's hit the sub .200 hitter
--Ivy Rosenberry takes over and gets to see a much bigger strike zone
Single to RF by McLaughlin from Stillwater, hitting .167
Strikeout swinging
Strikeout looking

5-3 OSU
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Godwin walks
Wang 2 run HR to LF
Timm hard line out to 1B
Wark singles through left side
Schneidmiller 2 run HR to LF
PH Lott grounds out to SS
PH McDonald down looking

9-3 OSU

Nice to have some breathing room
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