Stock Report, Dual 1


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Spratley: Such an interesting situation from a Conference perspective. He’s going to have plenty of opportunities to prove himself as he has 4 opponents ahead of him: Poulin, Volk, Surtain, Terukina. Could not be more impressed with Spratley’s energy & enthusiasm that has been lacking from this weight. He came out and attacked. Think he’ll be right there with Poulin by the end of the Season.
Stock: Buy

Fix: no report needed other than to say it will be interesting to see the impact Coleman has on him. Big 12 Champ & likely NCAA Finalist.

Jamison: Went from being bored & unimpressed to encouraged and impressed. Grit & determination were shown after a weak 1st period. Don’t see this guy backing down from anyone. Has Carlson, Schwartz, Happel, Edmond, Titus and others ahead of him. Is he even going to be the guy at the end of the season? We’ll know a lot more after CK and Lehigh dual vs. Hines will tell us if he is in contention for the B12. Seems like more of a longer term prospect with upside.
Stock: Buy & Hold

149: Injury? Grades? Effort? Has been the story for too many prospects recently…Top 10 Talent and is not yet on the mat. It’s early, and perhaps recency bias is impacting. Will be good to get clarity here soon and this is a needed piece.
Stock Report: Concerning

157: Take no joy in saying this as both options here are high quality program guys. Everyone knows, this is the weakest weight.
Stock: Sell

165: Feels like you’ve got a guy here with a punchers chance to disrupt things. You’ve got two All-Timers here in front of you. All-American at minimum, but feels far from a fringe situation. Solidly in the Top 6 and could cause problems.
Stock: Up

174: Impossible to say till we know injury status. Either way, feels like it will be a development weight for someone.
Stock: Uncertain

184: You are staring at the best guy in the Country in your own Conference. Hopefully there will be multiple high stakes confrontations with Big 12 & National Title implications. Does Plott have the top end to break into the party?
Stock: Buy

197: Like 125, this feels like a nothing to lose, everything to gain weight. #2, 3, & 4 are in your Conference and you have an early test against #9. Gunning for AA here, and fun to watch on the way.
Stock: Buy

285: At minimum, this weight is a tough out. Much like 197, you have a highly determined competitor, yet slightly more limited in terms of ability. Expectations aren’t as high. Kind of a take what you can get weight and hope you find yourself in the Big 12 Finals.
Stock: Hold
Generally agree, but will make a few comments. Jamison got caught in first period but came back very strong. I saw U Tube video of him beating Happel in solid win in open tournament last year. I think at least borderline AA and maybe better. But as you say, lots of solid guys at that weight in Big 12.

149, Travis looked good. Guy he beat was a freshman, but 3 time state champ from Michigan and one time runner up. Wrestled for Dundee, which I think is one of better programs. So while guy he got a solid win over was a freshman, he looks to be pretty good on paper. So Travis might end up being good.

At both 141 and 149, what happens with Alvarez? Kid was a stud at Rutgers. And at 149, does Williams show for CK.

At 157, with Travis, Alvarez, and Williams, you have 3 guys that appear pretty good. Does one move up to 157?

Thompson didn't look that great even before his injury. But he has beaten some tough guys in freestyle, including Pinto from Nebraska who is 9th ranked 184 pounder (and match wasn't that close). So I can't believe he doesn't come on strong. Also, guy behind him (another true freshman) iwas a pretty high recruit so only a bit behind Thompson. But wouldn't you feel better with Wittlake at 174 (instead of being at Oregon State). I know I would.

When I read Smith interview before this match, and he was talking about Doucet and Carroll at 285, said both were tough. Then a pause and said you have ranking match to pick starters. It sounded like he had not decided to redshirt Carroll, but would go with winner of ranking match. But not clear so may not of been what he meant.
Doucet won the most recent ranking match.

And Alvarez is a 141.

Also you are going to hate watching Thompson wrestle but he is going to win way more than he loses.