Saturday DH vs Pitt and Loyola Chi

Top 5
Ivy gives up a leadoff single but nothing else

Davis grounds out to SS
McDonald fouls out to SS
Bloodworth HBP (only the third baserunner of the day)
--runner moves up on wild pitch
Warsop flies out to shallow CF

0 runs 0 hits

Pretty weak effort so far. A freshman pitcher with only 2 innings (and 3 runs allowed) before today is completely shutting them down
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Edwards bounces out to 1B on 2-0 pitch
Timm singles up the middle
Godwin singles through left side
Wang lazy flyout to LF
Wark walks (1st walk) to load the bases
Davis walks, RBI
--new pitcher
PH Kilfoyl down looking, took strike 2 and 3. Goodness.

I'm glad we scored. Mixed in a few good ABs with some still bad ones.

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Last call for the Panthers

Groundout to SS, nice play by MB
Foul out to 1B
Groundout to 2B

You can have an off day at the plate when you get pitching like that. Rosenberry goes to 3-0 with a .27 ERA

OSU wins 1-0 and moves to 12-2 on the year. Next game in one hour.
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The Cowgirls to this point in the season have shown they can play with anybody and win in many different ways, even when they aren't at their best or get a slow start. Gutsy win this morning.
I mentioned a few games ago that Bloodworth was starting at DP and it was odd, but it turns out that's a strategy by Coach G to be able to have some flexibility in Bloodworth's hitting spot, and moves Kilfoyl to a flex spot in the lineup. Bloodworth immediately moves to SS once the opponent bats.
Bottom 3 in today's OSU order are hitting .190, .200, and .222
Point: the top of the order may be as good as anyone (today excluded) but still there are spots that need solidified at the bottom. I really expected to see more of Lott this year, but hasn't materialized yet.

Bloodworth grounds out to SS
Graf grounds out to 2B
Edwards flies out to RF

7 straight Cowgirls retired

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Timm singles to CF. Fell behind 0-2 and battled to 3-2 and dropped one in front of outfield
--steals 2nd, advances to 3rd when throw gets away
Godwin strikes out swinging
Wang grounds out to 2B, RBI
Wark doubles to LCF, hardest hit ball of the day
Davis RBI single to LF
--steals 2nd
Schneidmiller grounds to SS, error on throw, runners at corners
Bloodworth pops out to 1B

2 runs, 3 hits, 1 error, 2 left

2-0 OSU

some life from the bats
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Graf walks. Great AB
Edwards pops out to LF
Timm singles to RF, Graf to 3rd. Timm hitting .500 this year
--steals 2nd
PH McDonald 3 run HR to RCF (11th Cowgirl to homer this year)
Wang flies out to CF
Wark pops out to 2B

3 runs, 2 hits

5-0 OSU
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