Friday DH vs Seattle and Drake

The Cowgirls look to extend their 9 game winning streak

Game 1 vs Seattle 3:00
Game 2 vs Drake 5:30

Seattle is 7-9 and 0-2 vs ranked opponents and Drake is 6-4 and is playing UMKC right now.

Both games are on ESPN+
Pinch runner, Anderson steal second and then moves on to 3rd on a single by Wang. OSU currently up 3-0 bottom of the 5th.
Another stolen base, runners on 2nd and 3rd.
Bases loaded with pinch runners, 1 out
Argh, leave three on and Poullard out swinging.

Thanks, @Chairman of the Board for carrying these on most occasions!
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Wang massive bomb to LF
Wark HR to CF
--new pitcher
Davis doubles down LF line
McDonald fouls out to deep LF
Bloodworth walks
Warsop sac bunt
Edwards 2 run single to RCF
--advances to 2nd and 3rd on WP, scores on errant throw
Timm reaches when CF drops fly ball
Godwin 2 run HR down LF line
Pickelsimer Ks

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Ivy's scoreless streak comes to an end. It took a very questionable non strike 3 call and a passed ball to help Drake get an RBI groundout

Was at the games today….i was told Ivy missed a few games due to sickness.

In the 2nd game of South Dakota St game. Schneidmiller started the game at catcher but was taken out after 1 inning. She did not suit up today(concussion protocol).

In Game 1……our offense overall was meh…..but done enough to get the W. Katie Kutz pitched really good. She still has her Freshmen moments but really pleased with her growth.

Defense played extremely well. We did have an error and tbh I cannot remember when it occurred. In the 4th….they led off with 2 bunts. That when Sokoloski straight robbed that girl from a 3 run homer….that would have tied the game. If that doesn’t make ESPN Top 10…..I don’t know what will. WOW!!!! What a catch.

Game 2….was well played by our Cowgirls. The only negatives that I can and will complain about is….1) the freaking cold weather and 2) have to pay $4 on a cup of hot chocolate. They should give Sr. Citizens discount
Didn't want to start a new post, but OUs winning streak ends with 7-5 loss vs 10-12 Louisiana. Kelly Maxwell started and gave 3 runs, didn't get the loss but struggled
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