OSU vs North Texas

You would think I would be used to the awful offense but good grief it is amazing just how bad it is.

I will never understand having an open lane to the rim, driving halfway there, then kicking it out for an awful three instead of getting the easy two. Just bad bad offense.

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We have almost scored as many points in the first 5 minutes of the half as we did the entire first half.
Looks like Wichita St hired ORU's coach. I know we aren't going to be coach shopping after this season, but it's still depressing. Maybe in 3 years after he's had success at Wichita St, Weiberg will hire him away from there since we're probably stuck with Boynton until then.
LOL, they aren't going to show the committee they made a mistake. Haven't we just scraped by in these NIT games so far?
When the Cowboys get a lead they go back to the stagnant offense, one person trying to take their guy 1:1. They put no pressure on the defense to guard.

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