Okmulgee County Murders


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7 bodies recovered. Amber alert for missing teens canceled.

Apparently the 39 yr old male in this story had been convicted of Rape and spent 16 years in prison for it in the past. Got out 2 years ago and had been arrested and was supposed to go in front of a Judge on Monday for Child Pron charges. Didn't show up for his hearing.

They search the property as a mother reported 2 teen girls missing (and later a 3rd different teen girl who was supposed to be staying at the property this weekend )who were supposed to have been spending the weekend with their friends at this guys house. He lived in a home with 2 other Teen girls.

Bodies of himself, his wife, his 2 kids, and 3 girls staying the night all found.

Reports this morning that apparently and allegedly the guy was still texting the girl who testified that sent him to prison 16 years ago over the weekend and telling her everything he was going to do was her fault and that he was going to do it as payback for having him locked up and told her he wasn't planning on going back to prison
How the hell do you let your daughters spend the night at the house of a convicted rapist who's currently going back through the court system for child porn? And the woman who married the convicted rapist and brought your children into this.... good lord.