Why isn’t Daton wrestling tonight?
Completely agree with the Good…

We know now Fix is hurt, and it sounds like it will be a while.

Agree on Spratley. He’s not as far along as we would hope but should be fine long term.

149 and 174 are both highly concerning right now. Like your idea of bumping JW up. Plus, might give Alvarez a spot at 149.

At 174, should be a short leash, with Heeg on standby.

157, great kids there…hope OSU gets to a position where they don’t have glaring holes like this in the future.
From the cliff keen thread...
Thoughts on the dual: Overall, the Cowboys were in control from the beginning. I thought this might be a lot closer, but lower weights really took control of the team score.
125 - He got the win, but wasn't impressive. I look for continued improvement here.
133 - Witcraft was not expected to win, but wrestled tough. This would not have been a major decision, but Witcraft decided to stay aggressive and score at the end. He wrestled tough and is experienced. We need him to win against OU on Sunday. Based only on watching this match, I would favor Fix over Crookham by 2-3 points.
141 - Jamison dominated, but he should dominate with that opponent. He has another big opportunity against a quality opponent in Schwartz on Sunday.
149 - Williams certainly showed a lot of potential and ability and got a good win. Against better competition he has not shown the consistency. Williams is another dual turning point weight Sunday in bedlam.
157 - Nice win by Travis. He showed some toughness. Maybe this becomes his weight.
165 - Izzak has been consistent and solid all year. Right now he is good enought to beat any 165 lber in the country, not saying he would be favored, but he is wrestling with a lot of confidence.
174 - I did not see his performance at CKLV, but it was not good. He was solid here in all positions. He has an opportunity to pick up a good win on Sunday if Picklo wrestles.
184 - Good performance by Plott. Did what was expected and what we are used to seeing. I'm looking for him to be high up on the podium at the end of the year.
197 - Haas did not really have much for Beard. Beard would have been favored over Surber, but Haas could do nothing here.
285 - This was expected to be close and Doucet did not get offensive enough. Doucet will need to be more aggressive. I would like to see him avoid the ties and make bigger guys move more. We will need Doucet to be ready on Sunday for a toss up against Heindselman.
Here are my quick takeaways from last night…
Overall, great feeling about this Team despite the final two matches.

125: Still more exciting than it has been, still having trouble getting a true feel for upside potential. Most important thing is the energy and desire to be there.

133: You gotta love Reece Witcraft. He’s a high end backup that is always entertaining and somehow gives himself chances despite routinely doing things you aren’t supposed to do. Glad Daton didn’t wrestle this guy if he wasn’t 100%.

141: This guy’s upside might have been undervalued. Showed the strength you hear about as well as some quickness. Feels like OSU has a long term solid winner.

149: Ulta-raw Hardell Moore. Wildly entertaining and athletic. Super dangerous wrestler. The upside is obvious. He got gassed halfway through the 2nd period. Looked like he was enjoying himself. Felt positive.

157: perhaps the best development of the evening. OSU found its guy. Solid win against a solid ranked wrestler. This gives some hope that you can now throw out a guy that can potentially compete.

165: Man on a Mission. The length and speed are going to cause problems.

174: Felt like there have been some “this is your last chance” discussions. Body language was better. Effort was better. Out of shape and sloppy. You can see the raw potential. Will the drive and desire to develop come along?

184: looking so natural and comfortable at this weight. Great combination of strength and quickness.

197: It’s hard to say anything here. Obviously super tough, quality opponent. Didn’t see anything that gives you hope for development. Might be time for someone else to seize the backup spot.

285: Disappointing loss. The other guy used his size advantage to truck Doucet on a double leg and Doucet ran out of time after a couple of nice scrambles. Waited too long to get anything going.
In general I agree with above with following additions. Lehigh kid at 125 might have been pretty good, so win there may have been a bit better than we think. I stil think moving Williams to 157 and Travis at 149 would make a better team (as Williams with his height would make a natural 157). But Travis at 157 at least gives us a very solid, if undersized guy, at that wieght class. I have watched a number of Thompson's matches, and his best move is the duck under he hit twice for takedowns in match. Rough start going 0-3 for a guy who didn't lose a match in high school. But maybe with win he is on right track. At 285 maybe Duecet has figured out he needs to get takedowns and just can't win matches in OT. So while he lost, showed some willingness to go after guys on his feet, which is what he needs to move up. We will see how we do against OU. 133, 141, 149, 157, 174, and 285 look to be tough matches. Other than 133, those matches will tell a lot about season.