Dee Lockett Noise


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A lot of X buzz regarding Dee being in Iowa. Several Iowa and ISU posts. ISU now has the Chris Perry connection where Carroll just left for. I personally cannot stand Perry and is glad he is long gone. I would bet money he is using the angle of “OSU let go of one of their own” jargon to disrupt the OSU family and talking to our current guys. Coleman not getting the job and Perry always being the loudest voice in the room for recruits (usually not sober), it makes sense he would hold a grudge. Dee tweeted that they’re just rumors. I know he is a home grown kid and Jasper bleeds orange but does anyone see him leaving Oklahoma? I mean osu gave him a truck didn’t they?
Think you hit the nail on the head. Jasper & family are entrenched in Stillwater. Would be a significant last minute change if it happened…don’t see it going that way.