Cowboys trip to Hilton


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Tipoff time has changed twice already.

Cowboys having travel issues getting to Ames.

Per Mike Boynton at 12:51 PM:

"Game is scheduled for 5 pm, but have serious doubts. Especially because after flying to Des Moines, there is an hour long bus ride to Ames. Weather seems to be a non issue at this point, but we shall see.

Was told to go to Norman and that a smaller plane could get us up there...shortly thereafter, told that the plane there is frozen (no de-ice equipment). So still sitting in OKC where there is a functioning plane, but now we are waiting on a crew.

So...this attempt to get to Ames makes our trip to Lubbock look like a piece of cake. Couldn't get out yesterday because of weather in Des Moines. Left Stillwater this morning at 6 am for OKC. Plane in OKC was grounded with maintenance shortly after we arrived."
It's only fitting to have a built in excuse for the coach so the fans can have a built in excuse to bitch about a loss before the tip. It really is sad to see the level this program and it's fans have sunken too.