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Boynton was hired because he was cheap and a nice guy, not because he was worthy of getting the job. He'd be a tremendous coach at a lower lever, not D1. Now that the word is out about his job being in jeopardy he is going to try everything possible to keep it and by the way our Athletic dept works he will probably not be fired or leave on his own so more of the same is on the way

No more Mr nice guy! Boynton now putting the blame on lack of NIL and resources. Well Mike, those things come with winning, not the other way around. And I think anyone watching these games realizes the losses are’t due to lack of talent.
Dude signed a top 10 recruiting class but yea it's a talent acquisition problem. This is the first time I have been critical of Bonyton for anything other that his performance. You've won one tournament game in 7 years. Noone is going to be throwing money at a program where the kids you get don't get better.
Interesting that OSU is last in the conference with basketball NIL $.

However, to Boynton's point on “For everyone who wants me to be fired, that’s fine. They can say, ‘You’re not performing at the expected level.’ They are well within their right to say that.”, there is very much warranted criticism. Off the top of my head, for me at least, the continued poor usage of time-outs, the continued lack of offensive identity, the continued allowing of other teams to go on huge scoring runs, the continued lack of basketball IQ by the team are all themes under his tenure. There is more to note, but I don't have the time or heart to delve into it at the moment.
People don’t throw money at an azz team. Boynton’s teams have always underperformed. We underperformed even with a lottery pick star (his only tournament team win). This man is toast. Hopefully that means his departure is happening in a couple months. Not sure if we can get a better coach, but we could likely get someone just as awful for way cheaper.
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Might as well take all of Boynton's salary and put it toward MBB NIL and hire a HS coach if he really believes what he said
Eddie took a no star guy who could barely get up and down the court in high school and made into a first round NBA pick.

Eddie never had superstar recruits. Took whatever he had a won with them.
Well according to Mike in the article, “It’s not 1995.” Apparently X & O coaching is irrelevant in today’s environment.

Coaching aside, For a guy who has done and said all the right things, this was a bad look.
Might as well take all of Boynton's salary and put it toward MBB NIL and hire a HS coach if he really believes what he said
Well we kind of did but the problem is Holder was less than adept in evaluating basketball coaching talent agreeing to pay too much for too long to Ford and Boynton and not enough to Underwood because he was to old school in his coaching style.
Gundy does more with less. If Boynton wants to sit around and pout then maybe the 500k needs to be redirected to offensive line recruiting.
I think the message is great players can hide mediocre coaching.
He had the most talented player to ever wear an OSU uniform and finished middle of the Big 12 and won one tournament game, the only one Boynton has won.

What pisses me off the most is that he should be having this discussion in private with the people that can afford to fund NIL, not the TW and ordinary fans. If they're not convinced its worth their money to buy players for you to coach, then move the on, that's part of the job now. How exactly is the TW article and today's presser going to change their minds? All it does is solidify that you're not worth the investment.

I'll make a bet with anyone that if the next hire is an impressive person who the donors like, the NIL money will be there in sufficient amounts to at least retain players who prove themselves with coaching that gets us more than one and done in March.
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I agree not a good look for Boynton here, but I think both things can be true at the same time. Boynton has been and is mediocre (at best) and the university has not made a commitment to support basketball in the NIL era.

I hate his kids are hearing about his job security, kids shouldn’t have to worry about that.

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It’s time to start ripping this Band-Aid off because defending what we’ve been seeing for the last seven years has not been about basketball at all, and his replies in that interview were not about his ability to coach basketball at all. I would say the writing is pretty clearly written on the wall about what’s gonna happen in the next 60 days