At BYU Thurs-Sat

This would be a great spot for a sweep. BYU does not have a great pitching staff, but gets on base better than we do. It would be great to see a little more plate discipline and get the offense going for three straight games.

Infield single
Bloodworth throws potential DP into RF. Can't do that AND bat under .170


Strikeout--Double steal, run scores, Bloodworth chases runner back to first. What are we doing?

Groundout to SS

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That run never shouldn’t have scored…Bloodworth needs to make that simple throw…but Kenny has known to sacrifice defense for offense in the lineup
Timm taps out to P
Godwin down looking
Wang singles to CF
--BYU goes to pen to bring in someone who is not scared to death (announcers words)
Davis walks. 6 walk issued to OSU
Wark Ks swinging. Last two were at her shoulders.

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The ABs are hard to watch right now. Seems the Cowgirls get themselves out more often than making the defense do it.

Kenny has to figure out the bottom of the order. They produce very little. Bloodworth has to be great defensively if she's going to hit so poorly, today she committed a huge error that led to a run and did nothing at the plate (granted, hardly anyone did)

But it's good to win while hopefully figuring things out. BYU does not have a great staff so hopefully tomorrow they settle in.
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